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No Photos for the World's Most Photographed Generation!
Thursday, May 25, 2017
No Photos for the World's Most Photographed Generation!

The Digital Age In today’s world, cameras are a huge part of our day to day lives. From all different kinds of social media accounts, selfies, and even that one picture you like to take of your new dog to remember the moment. But what do you do with that picture after a few weeks? A couple of months? A year? 10 years from now? Many of us use the digital images on our mobile phones or cameras to take pictures that will later be saved online, but how many of us print these photographs? Hang them on our walls? Display them for guests of our home? There was a recent estimate that only 1 out of 100,000 photos are printed! At that rate, we will significantly less ...

Children + Ducklings = Cuteness Overload
Tuesday, March 28, 2017
No Photos for the World's Most Photographed Generation!

What could be cuter than your own children?Your children playing with baby ducklings. They're ba-aaack! Our Make Way for Ducklings photo sessions have returned for a limited time to welcome the Spring season!Here's what you need to know: Dock Pond Sessions:March 30th and 31st, April 1stAges 6 months - 7 years onlyWe build a real pond and dock for your children to experience the baby ducks! Whether they are watching the ducklings swim around or are sitting with them on the deck, we're going to capture the moments for a lifetime of enjoyment! Grab your kids' favorite Spring outfits and sign them up! White Sessions:Sunday, April 2ndAll ages and familyWear your best ...

Be-YOU-tiful: Combat Bullying!
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
No Photos for the World's Most Photographed Generation!

We're ready to conquer bullying with Be-YOU-tiful.  It's not very often that any of us can actually find a photo of ourselves from our 'tween years. Why? Well, we weren't quite children and not quite teenagers... And many of us weren't confident enough to get in front of a camera to have our pictures taken! Our 'tween years were sensitive times, where we found out just who it was we wanted to become heading into our teenage years.  This hasn't changed. Today's 'tweens are trying to figure out the same thing at this impressionable time, and sadly, many of them face bullying (in real life and on the internet). PictureTakers is prepared to help conquer bullying with our ...

Shamrock Sale!
Monday, March 13, 2017
No Photos for the World's Most Photographed Generation!

THREE-DAY SHAMROCK SALE!MARCH 15TH, 16TH & 17TH ONLY!Buy Any 3 Sessions for Just $99 and Get 1 Session FREE! Choose from any of the following sessions:Spring Ducks, Platinum Kids (Black and White), Small Families (In Studio), Flower Pot Kids, Lil Chefs, Bath Time for Baby, First Communion, Circus Days, Fair Garden, Gasoline Alley, To the Rescue, Golden Fields (Vintage), Baby Milestones, Itty Bitty, and ChristmasEach session typically runs from $49 - $125 Sessions not included:Executive, Newborns, Box Series, Land of Make Believe, Be-YOU-tiful, Families on Location, or High School Seniors The Shamrock Sale reduces the cost of the *creation fee. Sessions do not include ...